Chief County Assessment Officer
Paula Bates, CIAO

Champaign County has implemented a new tax system. Historical data is still being migrated into the new system. This page is to provide historical tax and sales data from RY 2017 Pay 2018 and prior that may not yet be imported into the new system. To obtain data from RY 2018 Pay 2019 and beyond please visit the new Property Tax Inquiry.

Historical Property Tax Inquiry (RY 2017 Pay 2018 and Prior)

Search By Permanent Index Number (PIN)

Enter the PIN, then Press the "Submit Query" Button.

Search By Property Address

Enter a common post office address, then press the "Submit Query" button.

Search By Map

The Champaign County GIS Consortium offers enhanced search capabilities on their Interactive Public Map. Searches include lookup by common post office address, PIN, and street intersection.

Search Property Sales Records

To search property sales records, please visit the Champaign County Property Sales Search Application. This application allows you to perform spatial searches by points or areas, with or without a buffer, and has the ability to specify different sales criteria, such as property types, sales years, or sales amounts.

Parcel Slice Detector App

Parcel Slice Detector App

This App identifies small parcels of properties, excluding condominiums, within Champaign County. The purpose of this App is to allow property owners to determine if their property consists of a larger parcel and an adjacent, smaller parcel. Property owners can choose to combine the parcels into one by filling out a Parcel Combination Request Form.