Probation and Court Services
Shannon L. Siders, Director


Administrative Services:

To provide specific administrative support services which includes typing of court reports, maintenance of personnel records, purchasing, finances and other administrative accountabilities required by the Court, County Board and Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts.

Adult Services:

Officers conduct presentence investigations on criminal defendants and prepare presentence reports for the courts.  For those defendants sentenced to/placed on probation, officers develop a plan of supervision that, if accepted by the probationer, will enable the probationer to remain in the community, crime free, and avoid incarceration on a local or state level.  Services provided to probationers are delivered on a timely, credible basis, utilizing a brokerage method of available community resources to ensure the conditions of probation and the needs of the probationer are met.

Specialized Services:

Specialized Services Officers conduct presentence investigations and prepare presentence reports for the courts.  In the event a defendant is sentenced to Intensive Probation Supervision (felony or misdemeanor), the officer provides rehabilitative counseling and enforces the conditions of probation set forth in the order of probation from the Court.  Officers conduct home visits nightly to ensure that the clients are present for home confinement hours, and will make needed referrals to community agencies for assistance with substance abuse problems, mental health care, employment and whatever other assistance is deemed needed.

Juvenile Division:

When a juvenile petition alleging delinquency is filed with the court, the probation officer compiles a detailed social study concerning the minor in order to make a suitable recommendation to the court at the dispositional hearing.  Should the minor be sentenced to probation or granted court supervision, the probation officer is involved in supervising and referring the minor to appropriate community resources as needed. 

The Probation Office conducts home and background investigations in some adoptive matters, as per court directives.  The Department also operates a Public Service Work Program, refers any person placed under court order to various not-for-profit agencies for completion of public service work.

Mission Statement

Probation & Court Services Mission Statement

To provide services to the judiciary, community, and offenders. Using a community corrections approach, we improve public safety by enforcing court orders while providing services to juvenile and adult offenders to aid in their rehabilitation.