Alternative Transportation

In conjunction with the Illinois Green Business Alliance you will find on this page alternative transportation methods for accessing County Facilities.

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Taking the Bus

Brookens Administrative Center is very accessible by public transportation. There is even an accessibility ramp and side walk that stops right at the Brookens Center front door. Champaign Urbana Mass Transit District (CUMTD) bus routes that serve Brookens Administrative Center are listed as follows:

  • 5W Green
  • 5E Green
  • 5W Greenhopper
  • 5E Greenhopper
  • 70 Grey

And they can be accessed at these stops:

  1. Washington & Lanore (mtd3504)
  2. Washington & Country Squire (mtd0415)
  3. Washington & Rainbow View (mtd1154)
  4. Washington & Lierman (mtd7344)
  5. Lierman & Art Bartell (mtd3940)

Map of Brookens Administrative Center

For more information on CUMTD bus routes please visit their website at

Bicycle Accessibility

Brookens Administrative Center can be accessible by a multitude of safe bike routes with conveniently located bike racks right by our front doors. The entire facility is supported by either bicycle paths, or bicycle lanes, and can be safely reached whether coming from the north, south, east, or west direction. You can refer to the map provided for the immediate vicinity, or you can visit the link below for a more specific bike route from anywhere in CU:

Bike routes around Brookens

Don't forget Carpooling

Another excellent way to get to work while limiting your impact on the environment is to carpool. Ask a friend, or anyone around your workplace if they would be interested in traveling to work with you and sharing gas costs. It is a great way to lower your environmental footprint while also saving money on gas, and a wonderful way to keep up with friends and co-workers.

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Taking the Bus

The Champaign County Courthouse in Urbana, IL is accessible by a multitude of bus routes and there are buses that can drop you off right on the side, or out in front of the Courthouse. Champaign Urbana Mass Transit District (CUMTD) bus routes that serve the Champaign County Courthouse are listed as follows:

  1. 5E/5W Green (50E+50W Green)
  2. 2 Red
  3. 6E/6W Orange
  4. 7W/7E Grey (70W+70E Grey)
  5. 8 Bronze
  6. 10E/10W Gold
  7. 11 Ruby (110 Ruby)
  8. 13S Silver (130 Silver)

All of the above listed busses serve Stop D on the map below. The text message bus stop information number is 'mtd0101'. The rest of the stops that are shown on the map are served by most of the busses listed above. To find out bus schedules/routes served at the other 3 closest stops, please text their CUMTD numbers as listed= A: mtd8449; B: mtd2201; C: mtd4205.

Courthouse Bus Route Map

Bicycle Accessibility

The Champaign County Courthouse is also accessible by bicycle. There are many bike racks near the Courthouse that offer safe bike storage as well. There are roads that lead to all the Cardinal Directions to and from the Courthouse. In the map provided below, green dots/lines symbolize either designated bicycle lanes or bicycle friendly roads. Please visit for a more detailed or personalized route.

Courthouse Bike Map

Traveling Between Brookens and the Courthouse via Alternative Transportation Return to top

Visiting the Champaign County Courthouse from the Brookens Administrative Center via Alternative Transportation

Traveling to (or from) the Brookens Administrative Center to the Champaign County Courthouse is a very easy trip. The main options for this trip are: busing, biking or walking. Below will be itineraries for each option, and their estimated times (Google Maps).

Taking the Bus

Any of the closest stops to Brookens Center (Washington & Lierman, Washington & Lanore, Washington & County Squire, Washington & Rainbow View) will provide you with a 5W Green or 5W Greenhopper bus. Boarding this bus, you will then get off at any stop nearest to the Courthouse that you choose. The closest being the Elm & Vine stop just outside the Courthouse. Estimated time of trip = 24 minutes. (Simply board the 5E when leaving Courthouse to make a similar return journey.)

Biking or Walking

The bicycle route between Brookens and the Courthouse is a very safe and simple. When leaving Brookens, travel to Lierman Avenue and travel North until Main Street. Take a left on Main St. about a mile until you reach the Courthouse. Estimated Time of Trip = 8 minutes

The walking route is the same exact one as the biking route, however, the Estimated Time of the Trip = 30 minutes.

Walking map from Brookens to Courthouse

These routes can provide a sustainable, and less harmful to the environment, alternative to driving between the two buildings. Biking and Walking between them are also a great way to improve personal health (biking may actually save you time, and money [!]), rather than driving.