Champaign County Drug Court

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You can learn more about drug courts at: - National Drug Court Resource Center - National Association of Drug Court Professionals

Recent government reports indicate what addiction professionals already know: drug abuse is on the rise. This upsurge in drug use comes from nontraditional sources.

Advancements in chemical engineering allow for the creation of synthetic versions of marijuana and opiates. Some substances are frequently marketed as bath salts or plant food and are available in retail outlets in our community. The legislature has prohibited the sale and use of these synthetic drugs.

Funding Sources

Funding for the Champaign County Drug Court is provided in whole or part by the:

  • Illinois Department of Human Services
    (Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse)
  • Champaign County Mental Health 708 Board
  • United States Department of Justice and
  • Private Donations

Drug Court Brochure

2015 Drug Court Brochure