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Entering the Courthouse

Visiting the Courthouse

It is the goal of the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office to uphold the Constitutional rights and privacy of visitors to the Champaign County Courthouse while also working to ensure a safe and secure environment for all employees and visitors. The law allows certain security precautions to be put into place to help the Sheriff’s Office accomplish this goal. It is our hope that this document will help your visit to the Courthouse go smoothly.

Prohibited Items

Upon entering the Courthouse, you will be asked to proceed through metal detectors. This process helps ensure the safety of all Courthouse visitors. You may be asked to remove items from your pockets, remove a belt, and to open any beverage containers. You may be asked to temporarily remove a hat, hood, mask or similar item(s) during security screening, as allowed by law. This does not apply to religious head coverings.

By order of the Champaign County Sheriff, the following items cannot be brought into the Courthouse:

  • You may bring electronics into the courthouse and use them appropriately in public areas. Devices must always be on “silent” mode and may never be used in courtrooms. For more information, you may review Champaign County Administrative Order 2022-01.
  • Firearms, ammunition, or explosives
  • Knives of any size (to include swords, box cutters, pocketknives or any edged weapons)
  • Personal protective spray (mace) or any aerosol spray
  • Any item whose possession is prohibited by Illinois State Statute (controlled substances, illegal weapons)
  • Any item that could reasonably be considered threatening (this may include manicure kits, knitting needles, scissors, or laser pointers)

If you are traveling to the Courthouse via ridesharing (Uber, Lyft), or by bus, please be aware that you may not bring your cell phone into the building. There are lockers located near the pay station in the parking lot east of the Courthouse that may be used to store your device while you are in the Courthouse. Each locker costs $0.25 to use, and the quarter is non-refundable (Note: a $10.00 replacement fee will be accessed if you lose a key to a locker).

Building Entrance Protocol – General Public


All visitors entering the Courthouse shall be processed through the metal detectors as follows:

  • Place any bags or personal belongings on the x-ray belt or in the container provided for scanning, including purses, watches, jewelry, backpacks, belts and pocket contents.
  • Place overcoats or jackets on the belt of the x-ray machine.
  • Walk through the metal detector.

If the metal detector sets off an alert or alarm, an officer may perform another scan using a hand-held wand. The officer may also conduct a physical search of personal articles or conduct a pat down of the outer surfaces of a person’s clothing to determine the cause of the alert or alarm.

You may be asked to temporarily remove a hat, hood, mask or similar item(s) during security screening, as allowed by law. This does not apply to religious head coverings.

Before leaving the security checkpoint, please ensure that you retrieve all personal possessions.
Champaign County Sheriff’s Office will not hold any personal property that is not permitted in the court facility including, but not limited to, electronic recorders, cameras, weapons, knitting needles, or any other item not permitted in this Courthouse.

Rules of Conduct

All those entering the Champaign County Courthouse are subject to a search of their property and person.
Loitering is prohibited both outside and inside the Courthouse.
Any behavior which threatens the orderly and secure environment of the Courthouse and its visitors is prohibited.
Violation of the rules or possession of a prohibited item may result in removal or arrest.